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Whether you are following Dave's progress as a supporter or lurker, or you have seen Dave along the way, and would like to leave a message of encouragement, pictures or details of where you saw him, you can send an email to reports@davebyrnes.com.au.

If you would like to send him words of encouragement, but prefer not to have your message published, you can email him at dave@davebyrnes.com.au.

Date From Message
17/08/07 Jennie Jupp
I am so sorry that you have had to abandon your adventure.  It certainly has been the highlight of my working day reading your wonderful stories and admiring your bravery.  I have just returned from watching the Under 19 World Championships for Women's Lacrosse (in Canada) and was telling all my Aussie friends about your cycle ride and urging them to follow your progress and cheer you on, where possible. 
You should be proud of what you have achieved, we are all very proud of you.
Well done and I hope the leg gets better very soon,
With love, Jennie.
17/08/07 Bruce Bonyhady
Rae and I have been following your trip and silently wishing you on. As always, we have been full of admiration for your endurance and strength of purpose.
Your reports have given us a real sense of both your adventure and the outback and it has been fantastic to be able to share it with you.
We therefore feel your great disappointment that this attempt on the record has not been successful and know that if it had not been for the muscle tear you would have broken it.
Best wishes from us and the boys for your recovery and your next adventure, whatever it is. We know it is not The End!!
Take care and if you are in Melbourne it would be great to see you.
17/08/07 Mike O'Keefe
Hi Dave,
You have inspired my riding mates (Paul Reed is one who has been emailing you) and myself. I’m sure once you knock over a couple of inspirational VB’s you’ll decide to have another crack. Bad luck but enjoy the experiences.
17/08/07 Graeme Walker The enthuisiasm will drive you on to other adventures, however it appears
you have unfinished business re this challenge.
You will repair and refresh and you will be back for this challenge. Your
progress proves you can do it. You may have to negative split the course,
take the early pressure off, and reassess where / how you stay.
Good luck for the future
Graeme Walker
17/08/07 Jenni Neumann
Have been following with great interest and am sorry to read you have had to abandon this epic challenge.  I hope that your muscles repair soon and we hear about your next great adventure in the not too distant.
Safe flight – take care
15/08/07 Philip Murphy Dave,
Very sorry to hear about your injury, I've been following your progress
every day.
It's so inspiring what you have already achieved. Hang tough and hopefully
we'll see you out there again soonish.
Phil (Spud
15/08/07 Jan Hermann Dave,
I am saddened to read about your injury. There is a glimmer of hope for
a recovery, and it ain't over till the fat lady sings, so while she is
still silent, I'll keep hoping you will get going again.
I know from my own experiences how frustrating it is to be hampered by
injury when you are feeling fit and have put in the hard yards not just
in training, but also in all the planning and preparation.
No matter what happens, what you have done is absolutely inspirational,
and I don't say that lightly!
Ride on,
Steve Williams
Hi Dave,
Your must be very disappointed after the amazing effort that you put in.  I think I speak for many of your fans when I say that we have the greatest respect and admiration for what you did and are disappointed only that you may be unable to accomplish your goal. 
Wishing you the best,
14/08/07 Mark Oppenheim
when the fitness is there, and an injury tries to derail one's goals...
G-d speed, David Byrnes...
14/08/07 Marg & Rob
Wow Dave youve aimed for the stars and have reached the moon so far.  I dont think any kid in Kincumber or Katherine can be disappointed in witnessing that... its real life that you may not reach the stars......... its not a failure.   I think you are a hero for what youve achieved... the kids will too. Try the rest and hope for the best but the trip isnt about body bashing so dont be afraid to come home and plan the sequel.
Margaret and Robert
14/08/07 Sue Smith Hi Dave
what you have achieved has been absolutely amazing.
Sorry to hear of your injury. Hopefully you will make a miraculous
recovery and be able to continue on.
Our thoughts are with you
Sue Reg Nick & jess
14/08/07 Charlie Abraham
Hi Dave,
Yes you put in many gruelling days and travelled almost half the way . It is disappointing, but whatever the outcome, you have done well!
14/08/07 Joce and Chris Hi Dave
Very disappointing for you develop an injury at this stage of the trip.
Hopefully it is nothing major and a day or 2's rest and gentle rehab
will get you back on the bike. We want you to know we are thinking of
you and hoping for the best for you.
Joce and Chris
14/08/07 Robb and Lori
It is with sad disappointment that we read about your leg.  You were almost half way and this must be very hard for you.  We have come to know you as a man of incredible goals and accomplishments. 
However, we also remind you of the astounding gifts with which God has blessed you.  You have been given a body of a world class athlete and you have used your talents extremely well.  Given only 1 minute to make a descision, how many of the 6 million people in the world would trade places with you instantly with no questions asked.
Furthermore, we would rather have you disappointed about a problem that will be resoved with time rather than a head on encounter with a truck.
Our thoughts and prayers are still with you.
Take care        Robb & Lori
13/08/07 Warren McPherson
Hi Dave,
I’m the guy second from the left in the red top in Robert’s photo from last week’s kayaking. We always discuss what stage you are at on Thursday’s and we reckon you’re nuts. No only joking, you’re going ‘great guns’ and we’ll toast your progress with tea and biscuits again this Thursday.
So remember, as my wise old mother use to say to me in my teenage years, ‘don’t do anything that you can’t do on a bicycle’.
Warren McPherson
12/08/07 Sasha
Hi Uncle Dave
Dad & I listened to the last four podcasts this wet cold Melbourne Sunday morning. Your progress through the Kimberleys sounded great. Keep it up!
I'm sure the Cats will have yet another victory at Kardinina Park today to provide more inspiration to you.
love from Sasha. 
11/08/07 Dave Cundy
You're doing great. Good friends of ours (Jim & Gai from Canberra and Jim's dad Don from Melbourne) are travelling around Australia and were also in Fitzroy Falls last night. They did check to see if you were staying at Fitzroy Lodge but were told "no" so said they hoped to see you along the road today to offer some encouragement. They were heading for Broome. Jim & Gai are both key members of our marathon organisation group in Canberra.
Best wishes
Dave Cundy
Scott Levi
Hi Dave,
Don’t think about the end, just enjoy the journey. Whatever the outcome we are very proud of you as a great Central Coastian.
Scott Levi
11/08/07 Chris Hatcher Hi Dave,

Great effort over the last week to get back on schedule!
It' timely to have a couple of 'relatively' easier days now.
Keep at it Dave, you're doing a fantastic job.


10/08/07 Erik Straarup
Very happy to hear your chafed areas  are improving, would be a pitty having something like that stopping you.
 I have said it before and will say it again...OUTSTANDING the way you fight!!
10/08/07 Linda Hough
Hi Dave
Your'e going great.  Well done.  Keep it up.  This message is very short but everyone else seems to have said it all.  Best Wishes.
Linda H
10/08/07 Roger Matthews
 been reading your journal this past week. Amazing. It's so graphical I can picture you in my mind's eye riding along. However, cycling in the dark and standing up is something else. Hope the chafing is a bit easier.
Tomorrow's Alleycat amble seems positively idyllic.
Keep well and good luck
Very best wishes
Roger Matthews
10/08/07 Marjorie Ford
Hi Dave,
Glad to know you are well on your way.  Haven't read the whole spiel, but looks like you are making good progress.  Hope you are getting a balanced diet, totally organic I hope.  Not like the last time.
Keep up the good work.  Love from Marj,Pete and Adam
10/08/07 Chris Markovitch Hi Dave
You are perhaps entering the zone of a touch too much sharing.
However since we are there, it occurs to me that perhaps your nether
region could benefit from the drying effect of that wonderful cool
dry WA air.
If you were to hang your butt out during the wee small hours of the
morning it is possible that you might gain some benefit. On the other
hand there might be the occasional surprised road train operator
startled by the reflective effect of the moonlight and driving lights
off the Byrnes butt. Butt it seems to me the effect would be butt
momentary for the startled operator, perhaps even mistaking it for a
road sign indicating danger, only to realise, perhaps in wonderment,
that he had born witness to a truely remarkable vision.
I hope this helps

PS Jocelyn has disowned me that this point, and wants all friends and
relatives to know that she has disowns any possible association with
this piece of possibly distasteful correspondance
10/08/07 Robert McClure
Looking at the map you have pushed the bike up hill, then on the level
across the top, and now are going down hill,
You effort to make up time was outstanding, all we can say ""the big
TT to day, we did a head count and no Dave, some one said he was paddling
around the top of OZ, so we did 15Km.
Take care from all of us. See images attached.
The tt group
Robert mcclure

9/08/07 Steve Hughes
Hi Dave, I’ve been watching your progress every couple of days and I’m blown away by the awesome effort.
As feared your biggest hurdle may bum resilience. Who’d have thought you maybe should have spent more practice backing into an angle grinder.
I did Hastings rd and Kincumber mountain and back the other day and finally got over all the hills non stop in about an hour and a half and I was buggered for the rest of the day. It made me appreciate just what an unbelievable effort you are making not just one day but every day. Its amazing to me how long you sometimes have to go some days before get a decent brekky too.
Just when I thought you were dropping off your total distance target I see you’ve caught back up too with one long days ride- awesome effort and it confirms you are completely nuts.
Just a small issue because I appreciate you are probably running on empty when you do your evening journal- a big brekky for brekky is redundant, just a big brekky is OK and will save you some time
Steve Hughes
9/08/07 Blair Hi Dave,
I just wanted to wish you the best for the remainder of your journey.
It really is amazing and I am following your reports and podcasts with
great interest.
8/08/07 Marg B
Yeeha Dave the 0 as in Zero looks great!! Great work in catching up on your schedule.
8/08/07 Jonathan Reeve

You are the man.  I follow every step of your journey with anticipation and amazement.  Lots of luck Dave and I hope your down under holds out down under.


8/08/07 Wayne Daley

School kids have gone home and I was just admiring your progress. As a class we are following your trip and your Pod casts are great to listen to at lunchtimes. Do you have to be careful of the road kill or are the animals smart enough not to get killed?

Hang in there, the pictures are great. I wish I could be with you sometimes. My Year 3 class is doing an assembly item tomorrow and it is on the value of “excellence”. You are certainly showing us how to strive for excellence. Well done Dave.

Bye for now.

Wayne Daley
8/08/07 Robb & Lori
We continue to watch with excitement and amazement.  What a great adventure.  We of course will want the long version at some point in the future when we get together.  You are also one of the best story tellers we know - perhaps because you have such great adventures.
Take care        Robb & Lori
7/08/07 Ron Schultz
Hi Dave Your going great mate. I have been following your around Australia bike ride through your journal entries. At first I was very interested in your progress but now I have become addicted and look forward to checking the web daily for your latest report . I travelled around Australia in a caravan with my wife and two children during 1973/74 and now find myself reliving much of that trip which followed a similar route to the one you are taking . You seem to have prepared well for your challenge and your cool demure will ensure that you achieve all that you have set out to do .
Wishing you every success and every ounce of good fortune that is possible throughout your journey .
Ron Schultz
7/08/07 John Greenway
Yo!  Animal
As I will be leaving for the Greek Island of Leros tomorrow, I thought that I should wish you good speed.  I will of course follow you whilst we are overseas and think how lucky we are when we do our bike ride in FLAT Holland! So!  Go Man! Go!
7/08/07 Margaret Perrin
It's a long road to the west, so enjoy a week in Broome, before heading back to the Service Station and down the 381 kms to Port Hedland.  There should still be two servos: Sandfire Flats, and then another - don't remember its name. Then a relatively easy ride into Port Hedland.  Just south of here is the other end of the Tropic of Capricorn.  Remember during the Millenium at least two youngish men walked with camels, one from the west to the east, and the other from the east to the west. They didn't pass each other and neither of them were aware that anyone else was doing was a remarkable trek.
But there are a fair few on the two wheelers.  From VRD to Kununurra, it is a good idea to ask a motorist to leave water for you and mark the post with a ribbon or something conspicuous.  And definitely from Halls Gap to Broome, you will need a couple of drops.  The west coast road is not so bad because you can carry enough water to get from point to point, as you probably did coming up through Queensland and across the Barkly. 
Actually I gave my water bottles to an English girl who was riding from Darwin to Adelaide.  I had brought them from home in Clermont, Central Queensland, and left them at Emerald Springs. When she arrived at Adelaide YHA a young Englishman was getting ready to leave for Perth across the Eyre Highway.  I had gone on to Darwin and flown to Bali, from where I rode up to Jakarta, then flew to Singapore, and rode up to Kuala Lumpur.  Flew home to Cairns and rode home from there.  1994 - aged 63.
When I arrived home from KL there was a postcard from Jessica with the story of the water bottles: just a cordial bottle and a 2 litre coke bottle.  In addition I had a variety of water containers so that I carried 7 litres. 
There's a lot of the west coast, so sit back and relax...
Onya Dave, I hope you remembered your thorn proof tubes.  I didn't on the second trip to Darwin and had 13 punctures.  I became really proficient at mending punctures!
Margaret Perrin
Oh and then after 7 major cycle tours I bought a motor bike...
7/08/07 Louis Commins
Hi Dave well done on what you have done so far hope all goes well for the rest of the trip
Ps last year the eastern states whats next year
All the best
6/08/07 Coolrunners  Messages of support on Coolrunning here
6/08/07 Wayne Gregory
G'day Dave,
Mate, I've been loving your reports and following your wonderful adventure, it's very inspirational stuff.
When you inevitably go through a bad 'moment,' look within mate and examine the depth of your desire to endure and achieve.
Stay strong, healthy & focused Dave.
Naturally, my best wishes and positive thoughts are travelling with you.
Cheers and kind regards,
Blue Dog.
6/08/07 Bruce & Elva Keep it going Tiger. As well, you topped the leaderboard in Bruce's
Comp. 7 wins and just 2 off the pace. This could be a good year for
both you and the Cats.
Bruce and Elva
5/08/07 Marg B
28kmph woohoo Dave that was nearly faster than my time trial at Calga this am!!  You almost sound like you enjoyed today!!  Well done and heres hoping for more tailwinds
5/08/07 Phil Leat
Hi Dave,
I'm sure we are all amazed you are still upright Dave, your podcasts and updates show that the brain is still working, now that its becoming an exercise in sleep deprivation as well as endurance. 
With approx 1/3 done I hope you are not pushing too hard to soon
Perhaps when you catch up the time/distance lost, you can go back to your normal 5 hours sleep, Oh ! what luxury.
Dont get too excited about being able to watch the midday movie when you've finished all this, take it from me, you are better off on the road.   
( Well perhaps not on your schedule of 275k a day, but you know what I mean.)
All the best, and keep safe.
Phil Lear
5/08/07 Jenny Byrnes Hi Dave,
Was glad to get your last report and know that you were safe.
Continuing to send you every good vibe I can muster!
Love jenny
4/08/07 Greg Tegart
Hi Dave
Sorry for spelling your name wrong on the sign I put up on the Newcastle Waters Rest Area sign post.
Any way keep up the good work.
We are all thinking of you on your adventure around Australia.
Regards Gregt
4/08/07 Robb Hermanson
We are all pulling for you. 
I met some folks in St Louis from down under and they are now following you as well.  I am sure you will have a TV and radio circuit from you adventure - not to mention the book and movie. 
When you are rich and famous, will you keep me in mind for your chauffer?
Take care        Robb & Lori
3/08/07 Greg Tegart
3/08/07 Bill Goodenough
Dear Dave ,
As you cover more territory , the word is spreading .
I have now been copied in .
What you are achieving is mind blowing to me .
Many years ago , I was acquainted with ultra marathon runner George Purdon who lived in Burwood and trained at the Camberwell Sports Ground . George was perpetual motion - couldn't stand still - but I think even he would have been in awe of your physical pursuits . I remember George one day had lost so much weight ( I think after running Death Valley ) that his wrist watch rotated 180 degrees on his arm . But with you on the bike , there's an easy solution , just take the time from the stars .
And remember to enjoy the view .
Best Wishes ,
1/08/07 Robert McClure
Looking at the green line on the map, you are flying, don’t let the sleep get to you, you may run into a tree, or the tree will jump out at you. 
I am taken with your night (early starts) must be fantastic to be riding along during this time.
I review your web each day; to day again your name was mention on the local radio!
By safe
Robert McClure
1/08/07 Sue Smith Go Dave - dont fall asleep at the handle bars and hit a kangaroo.
1/08/07 Erik Straarup
Hi Dave
Mayby consider tenting? That way your dayly average will be more even, and not as hard as now with very long dayes in between.
In MT Isa you could buy a lightweight tent and sleeping bag in severel shops (I did last year)
It will add weight, but mayby you could skip something else instead.
I belive you could benifit from it, at least until Perth.
Best regards
1/08/07 Steve Williams Hi Dave,
I read your daily summaries with admiration and an occasional touch of
incredulity (he rode HOW far?....) Really amazing and inspiring! If
good wishes were a tail wind you'd have easy going. Take care of
yourself--the record isn't as important as the adventure.
Best of luck,
1/08/07 Robb Hermanson
You wrote that you feel you are near the edge.  If utter fatigue prevents sufficient progress perhaps a change to some very low mile days offset by high mile days might give you more sleep.  I really do not know what I am talking about but just offer a thought.
We are praying daily for your strength and safety.
Take care        Robb & Lori
1/08/07 Charles Abraham
Hi Dave,
Love the daily digest. Hang in there.
1/08/07 Marg & Rob Beardslee
Hi Dave
you know this might just be a flat spot.  Remember you have just had a major ciadian rythm change and its bound to take a toll.  the theory you have with travelling in the night however sounds good and if you can get through the adjusting and stick to the plan I reckon you;ll come good.   I think you will always have the pre dawn yawns.
 Main thing is to keep hydrated and carbohydrated, any endurance event dictates that. Heard some chatter about nutrition and yeh thats going to help, but not if you dont feel up to eating. You have to eat the carbos to get the glycogen.  You can get it from fats but it takes too much energy.  You know you wont get it from sugars.  Figure how many calories you are burning and have them there to burn.  Same with how much fluid.
Stay on Track as best you can dont give up but just do what you can do.  Remember they give the medals out at the finish line/
best wishes from Marg and Rob
31/07/07 Dave Byrnes Firstly, I want to thank all of the people who have been sending me messages of encouragement.  They’re much appreciated and carefully read.  I would like to reply to them all, but simply don’t have time, so please excuse me.
31/07/07 Chris Hatcher Hi Dave,
You're doing a fabulous job Dave and inspiring many many people in
Scott and Caroline are doing regular updates on the ABC, so you have
quite a following.
An adventure like this will always have its curve balls but it's great
to see you are evaluating and overcoming them.
You are certainly into the thick of it now and just need to keep that
momentum going.
It will be a brilliant achievement.

Chris Hatcher
31/07/07 John Greenway
Following your progress I have noted that food & drink seem to be one of your major problems.  Maybe you should try to carry some energy bars and drinks, they should not take up too much room and could provide the extra GO you need.  I remember Lance Armstrong fading on the mountains because he had not eaten enough before or during the Tour de France.
31/07/07 Russell Pinsent
Hi Dave,
This is one awsome of a trip your doing. Best of luck with everything. We're enjoying the electronic trip so far.
keep up the great work. Love to do an MTB ride with you some time in the future. Cheers 
31/07/07 Ray Wilson Hi Dave

I am riveted to the journal entries, inspires me each day. Best of luck
for both ventures (the record and the journey) - give those roadtrains a
wide berth!
31/07/07 Pradiv G'day Dave,

Impresive feat all this riding on fish and chips and muesli bars. Keep
the faith, you're doing great.... see you on the finish line.

30/07/07 Keith King
Enjoying reading your reports and continually wondering how you do it!! Your motivation and courage are impressive. I have driven around Australia and, as you are probably aware, after the east coast it appears that there are no more hills, the rest is flat!
Heard Scott Levy this afternoon saying that he isn't an internet fan but is addicted to your page and recommended that everyone should have a read.
Keep up the great effort.
30/07/07 Jenny Byrnes Hi Dave,
I could have sworn you said (in an earlier conversation some weeks back) you
were going to have some relatively easy days every 6 or so days!
I can't see them!
Thinking of you constantly and when I am out on my ride each day I send
heaps of good vibes - especially when I am doing my longer ones.
Keep safe and stay strong,
Love Jenny
30/07/07 Scott Levi Hi Dave,
I am really enjoying following your progress on your website....... Seems like your making excellent progress. Good luck.
Scott Levi
30/07/07 Rod Byrnes Good to see you made up that deficit so quickly from the tyre changing episode Dave (only took a 14 hr day!).
Sounds easy from here, you were clearly inspired by the Cats win over Freo!
Building a support group here at TAC and at home of course where Sasha gets on your website every morning for us.
Majorly disappointed that the big brekky only had one sausage !!
Rod Byrnes
30/07/07 Tony
Dave ,
    I sit at my computer reading about your great journey and wonder why I'm overweight !!!!
Your trip and following your adventure will give me the motivation to start to exercising and see more of our country
                        Thanks Dave
Marg and Rob
Hey Dave stop feeling sorry for yourself and making assumptions...stay
positive... 51k is an hours riding on the Tour de France...any rules
about drafting semis?......Unlike your TdF cousins we know you dont do
drugs but maybe caffine up the icecream!! Keep and eye on the bike and
you'll be fine. Sent some energy thougts while I was on my training
run tonite... hope you got them
All the best M & R
Peter Byrnes
Best wishes Dave,
Constantly following your progress.
If it was easy ...you wouldn't be doing it!
Shame if the technicalities with the bike prevent you from achieving the
However it will probably just make you more determined to have another go!
We all think you can do it!
congratulations Dave for what you have achieved so far. Sorry about
your frustration with fitting the new tyres. You are an inspiration
for me - thank you.
Best wishes from Ted
David Barnes
I see your friend Nathaniel will be rooting and reading at the same
time, something I've never quite mastered. Still won't stop me from
trying. All your paddling friends are behind you.
Best wishes.

David Barnes.
28/07/07 Nathaniel Dahm Hi Dave - MarkO got me hooked on your daily updates. Good luck on
your epic journey - I'll be rooting and reading the rest of the way!
Tour De France has nothing on you! :)
27/07/07 Matthew Chapman
Hi Dave
From your journal entries it sounds like you are having an interesting trip.
I don't know how you manage to ride all day and yet still manage to find the energy to write interesting and informative accounts of the day.
All the best on your fantastic adventure and breaking the record.
Matthew Chapman
27/07/07 John Greenway
Ho! Animal
Keep going there man.  With your head down and your bum up there will be no stopping you!  There is hope that an Aussie could win the Tour de France if he goes well in the time trial.  You are on the biggest TT of your life so Go! Dave Go!
Paul Reed
Hi Dave
Your website was forwarded on to me by a mate who I ride with socially on the weekend.  It came to me under the heading of “Oh my God award”.  Having now read all your journals and listerned to your podcasts I can only but concur with my mate’s description.  Our social riding group of 5/6 have agreed never to complain again about the wind or weather as we struggle to complete our 30-50km ride on Saturdays and/or Sundays.  I have a few questions which I would love to ask you but I think your energy would be spent focusing on what you are doing rather than responding to a person who you have never met.  So I will refrain for the time being.  If I can organize it, I am/ we are going to look for you when you come through Victoria, probably between Torquay and Spencer Street.  By that stage you should have more groupies than you can handle.  I suspect the more the merrier although I notice the rules about drafting and non local assistance!  What can I say other than what everyone else has been saying already namely:  Good luck and keep your spirits up as you are an inspiration for more people than you could imagine.  Hope to see you on the road in Victoria and watch out for those damn trucks!
Paul Reed
27/07/07 Jennifer Jupp
Dear Dave,
Its fantastic.  Certainly the hightlight of my day is reading your daily reports.  I'm addicted.  Am so impressed by your efforts - already!  Good luck for every km and grab all the food and rest you can get.
All good wishes, Jennie.
27/07/07 Paula Harrington Hi Dave,

I'm following along on your journey, riveted by your daily journal,
inspired by your tenacity and getting a chuckle out of your culinary
reports! [Some of those foods don't translate in American, so I'm
Googling to see what exactly you're consuming:-)]

I'm sure it's mentally and physically draining but what a fantastic
adventure. Keep the faith, and thanks for taking us along...

Paula Harrington
26/07/07 Eugen Schilter 'Erik Straarup' asked me about Dave's bike:  Just had a look at his bike, does he not use cleats? Its heavy loaded, and looks like a hybrid of some sort.  Whats your opinion on the bike?
I anwered him:
I can't judge because I did not have time for a close look at the bike.  The bike is Alu frame and carbon fork.  The pedals are 'no clip on one side and clip on the other side'.  Dave's shoes do have (recessed) cleats.
Dave surprises me more every day and, as per day end 25July, he is 105km ahead of my trip.
Eugen Schilter
26/07/07 Robb & Lori
We are following your progress daily.  You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.  It sounds like you are getting stonger each day.  How exciting.
Take care        Robb & Lori
25/07/07 Charlie Abraham
Hi Dave,
What a terrific journey? Like all your fans I too am watching your progress eagerly.
25/07/07 Dave Cundy
Congratulations on your progress to date. I'm watching your website daily and can feel for you as I read  your high and lowlights.
Great golf story to keep you amused. We played the back 9 this morning. I drove up the centre of the 14th fairway and never found my ball. So I took a penalty, dropped another and played on. We then drove off the 15th tee and Bruce's ball and my ball landed in the same area. As we walked downhill we saw a crow swoop down, pick up Bruce's ball and fly away. So I immediately said that must be what happened to my ball on the 14th.
So Bruce says the rule is "if you see a crow take your ball, you get a free drop". I said "can I deduct a shot back on the 14th" and Bruce says "no" because we didn't see the crow take that ball. I said "that would be in the rule book" and Bruce says "yes".
The upshot was that Bruce won by one stroke (neither score was startling .... 55 to 56). So over breakfast I presented Bruce with my 1972 rule book (which has been in my bag since that date!) and challenged him to find the rule. He couldn't but he's going to check out a more recent version of the rules.
Anyway, all good fun and hope it gives you a laugh as you plan for another day on the road.
Best wishes and enjoy.
Regards Dave C
25/07/07 Makio
Hi Dave, I was nearly deleting your email from Yahoo but it wasn't a spam! I hope your journey is pleasant, safe and enjoyable. I come back and see your web site for the next few weeks with a pint of Kirin beer. Good luck!
25/07/07 Mike
Hi Dave
Great to hear of your adventure again. Keep it up. Don't know why but I get addicted to your diary each day.
PS there didn't seem to be anything attached to the last email.
25/07/07 Anita Dave
Am enjoying your daily reports. Impressive to think that while we are
sitting in the office, you have covered all that distance.
Good luck
24/07/07 Jeff Wells

The last name is Buckham.  There’s a lot of ‘em ‘cos they breed like rabbits.  They’re road hogs, but if you get run into the ditch and need help just look up the phone book and give ‘em a call. They’ll help you out for sure!

Best of luck.

24/07/07 John Greenway
Yo! Dave
You do seem to be going great!  I am sure that you will improve as you go. I only hope you do not get a sore bum like we got on our ride.
John Greenway
24/07/07 Pete & Rob Small
Hi Dave,
Great to listen to your podcasts. I will be following the journey with much interest.Good luck, I hope both the bike and the body hold together.
Regards, Peter S 
24/07/07 Erik Straarup
Hi Dave
I have the same hub (Scmiths) and the same light as well, and have had for years, an there is nothing that needs to power up, it works right away. The only thing that can make i dissaper is a losse conection.
Tjeck the wiring.
The standby light however needs 1-2 km to be fully charged.
24/07/07 Rob Cook
Hi Dave
I make a point to hear your podcasts most days.
having done a few long bike rides myself I can only imagine how tough it must be out on the road alone,  good luck with the trip and I look forward to hearing more from you in the days that lay ahead
24/07/07 Philip Lear
Just read Day 4, and whilst us "stay at homes',  all enjoy reading about your trip Dave, if the time taken for the Diary is reducing sleep/recovery time,
then reduce the diary.  ( Incorporate the lowlights and highlights in the main body ? )
Put yourself first, this is your challenge and it obviously isn't easy to do what you have to do,  
without worrying about the travelogue, which is basically for our entertainment.
If you are thinking about a later book, you can expand on brief notes when you get back. 
The No. 1 thing is to keep yourself fit and healthy enough to do the necessary 270k a day.
I've heard about you silly buggers falling asleep on the bike.
Remember how much rest you were getting when you were doing 120mpw a week, in the 70's. ?
(I was only capable of 100-110 mpw and I slept 12 hours a day min !)
Take care
Phil L
23/07/07 Dave Byrnes Another tough day….I’ll have to keep just nibbling on the toe of the elephant.
23/07/07 Phil Campbell
Hi Dave,
Great to read the journal and see how you are going. Keep it going and all the very best.
Phil Campbell  (dental hygienist)
23/07/07 Mark Oppenheim seems like you get to eat alot of ice cream, Dave...
one of the benefits of that much exercise.
and the pies you have for lunch...I assume that that would be what we folks state side would call pot pies?
Good luck to you...I look forward to your daily reports. 
23/07/07 Robb and Lori
Once again, we are overwhelmed with your adventure.  Best of luck.  What is the address of the websirte?
Take care        Robb & Lori
23/07/07 Jenny Byrnes Dear Dave,
Thinking of you just about every moment!
Especially on my daily bike rides - I imagine how you might be feeling etc.
Stay strong. No need to reply,
Love Jenny
23/07/07 Linda Botham Oi Dave,
Hope all is going well and you're on track for the record. Think you're
amazing! The most adventurous person I've ever met and an inspiration for
me, especially today when I turn the big 47!!!!!! So keep on keeping on
Dave. Love ya.
23/07/07 Phillip Lear
Dear Dave,
Sorry to have missed you yesterday, I see you stopped at Burleigh overnight. Good luck with getting through Brisbane today.
Your pictures from previous trips, especially the Bi Centennial Route might inspire me to get into this caper, now that's the running's rooted !
Good luck on the rest of the trip, we'll all be watching your daily reports with great interest.
Phil L
23/07/07 Chris Hatcher Hi Dave,

I gather you might be getting a sore bum by now, so I thought of
something you might strap to your bike seat for a bit of comfort

Let me know where you would like it sent.

Doing a great job - keep up the good work!


Chris Hatcher
23/07/07 Bob Dave,
Sorry I missed your start - I was too busy watching those short
distance wimps in the Tour de France!
Trust you're doing this on Route 1? This means you will pass by in 6-
7 weeks. Maybe I can catch up for a short ride when you hit the
Sunshine Coast.
Will keep an eye on progress. Have fun!!
Bob McN.
22/07/07 Dave Jarvis Hi Dave,

Best of luck to you.

Dave Jarvis
21/07/07 Dave Byrnes

G’day folks, 

I’m enjoying your comments and messages of encouragement.  I feel very well supported.



Good start Dave!

Keep going & all the best!

21/07/07 Chris Kelleher

I have read many of your past exploits with a sense of smugness (tinged with envy) that it’s you and not me doing them. But this latest challenge takes the cake. We will all be following your journey with great interest and wish you luck & success on this latest madness.

Chris, Katherine, Natalie & Rebecca

21/07/07 Robert McClure
I read your web site this morning; pleased that you are getting into the rhythm of the journey (McDonalds) keep your vision ahead, gee I cannot ride 20km let alone 200+
Robert McClure
21/07/07 Peter Baxter
Your podcast was just fine and I'm impressed by the way you have
your journal and photos up on your webpage so promptly.
Good luck and look after yourself
Peter Baxter.
21/07/07 Steve Williams Dave,
Sounds like a great adventure. Your friends in the US are rooting for
Steve Williams
20/07/07 Tipster Sue Dave good luck. Am watching the anquish on the faces of guys in the
TourdeFrance and hope that the agony has not hit you yet. Enjoy your
first night on the road
20/07/07 Jane Burgess Wow, what an amazing adventure you are on!
Best of luck, and here's hoping the wind always stays at your back!
20/07/07 Eugen Schilter Sorry to all present this morning at Adcock.  I would have enjoyed to get to know you all but on the dark downhill freeway just before the Gosford exit a piece of bent metal made friend with my rear tire; so much so that the brake callipers still shows the hit marks.  With the cold clumsy fingers and the trucks hurling by it took me 20 minutes to get going again and at the end I was just glad that I could make it.  Dave told me that you were mainly runners from the Terrigal Trotters (?).  So I hope and look forward to meet you when Dave comes back.  Have a large  'Finish' banner already with me.

Eugen Schilter
20/07/07 Eugen Schilter I folllowed Dave to Ourimbah Freeway junction where at 5:35am we parted.
The temperature was maybe 12C; the sky slightly overcast.  It was dark with nearly no moonlight.

Outside Gosford Dave detected his two headlights not working.  We stopped but within a minute Dave had it going again and the two bright beams illuminated well ahead.  Commuter traffic was starting to build up so we mostly rode behind each other.  Dave was well visible from behind.  The three red blinkers do a good job and the reflecting white horizontal stripes on the rear wheel pack stood out prominent whenever a car approached from behind.

There was a gentle tailwind (from south east).  Dave said he wants to make the best out of it as long as it lasts. 

He found the riding pleasant and said that he was warm enough without leg warmers, as he did 'not like them'.  Just near Ourimbah University he indicated that he was beginning to feel hot (!) and hinted that he may soon have to take off the rainjacket.

At the Servo before the roundabout we stopped and farewelled; Dave then turned right (north) onto the freeway to Newcastle while I headed for the warmth inside and breakfast before returning to Sydney.

Eugen Schilter
Eastwood 10:25am
18/07/07 Grant Enjoy the journey, Dave!
I'll be keenly watching your progress.
Wish I was out there. See you at GNW100s.

17/07/07 Eugen Schilter Good on you for providing the pleasure to see somebody try to better my time!  Sure many will love your show.

It will be my pleasure to meet you and do the first few ks with you on Friday 20July 5am.  Because of the 165km road race I have the following Sunday I probably take the train one way to Gosford and then ride the 75km or so back home.

Eugen Schilter
17/07/07 Mark Oppenheim Good luck, Dave
17/07/07   Hi Dave
Good luck for the upcoming trip, our thoughts will be with you on this
fantastic adventure.
Joce and Chris
14/07/07 Erik Straarup
Hi Dave
I had plans too to break Eugens record too, but with start in april 2008. I look forward to follow you, and hope for you that you set a new record, but hopefully not by much :-) as I intend to go for the record anyway, yours or Eugens.
The very best of luck!!!!
If you dont mind I will link to you on my website  http://www.lonebiker.dk/EHJEM/index.html
Erik Straarup
12/07/07 The Laidlaws
Well, Dave, it looks like you're not only well prepared for this latest spectacular expedition but you've got lots of great support on Cool Running.  We love your website.  Comprehensive and well planned as always.
We've been planning to see you in Queensland during your trip.  Bearing in mind the hectic schedule you have and the stories that Eugen Schilter was not known for his patience in waiting for the burgers to cook, we have taken a few tips from the Tour de France, which started in London (yes, London) at the weekend.  Just like the team drivers and mechanics, I have been practising driving the car alongside Simone on her bike, while Kate and Robert lean out of the windows (we're not sure which side you drive on in Oz) and hand out food. 
The problem now is that, at 15,150km, we hardly count as "local support not travelling a substantial distance" under the rules.  We don't want to get you disqualified after only 9 days.  Also, as we arrive in Cairns on 29 July and travel up to Daintree and Port Douglas (thanks for your travel tips again), I'm afraid we will miss you by 4 days.  What bad luck. 
That 15,150km figure from London to Cairns really brings it home to us how far you're actually cycling.  Did you realise it's equivalent to a trip to London?  Phenomenal.
So, finally, good luck on the trip.  We hope it goes smoothly in all respects and will track your progress when we can. 
All the best
John, Simone, Kate and Robert
PS  We now know what you were practising for when lugging your laptop around Paris in a backpack that time. Long-term planning, eh?